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I’ve been conversing personally with a number of Parents and Teachers that visit the main site on a regular basis. These discussions have been taking place both offline and online. Ever since the site has become popular – my philosophy has been to really understand the needs of the Parents and Teachers so that I can find the best way to address current problems facingĀ children’s learning.

As the discussions have been mostly occurring in a rather disparate fashion, and in various mediums, I thought it might be a good idea to set up a blog where I can explain my current thoughts and ideas regards FreeTeacher and centrally respond to all discussion and feedback as much as possible.


But this blog isn’t just about my voice.


More than anything, what I would love is for this to become a platform for me to learn from the people that use the site the most and get meaningful insight into the thoughts and ideas of regular users of the site. For this reason, I am making sure that the standard comments and Facebook comments feature is available to everyone, on every post, so that anyone and everyone can comment.

I intend, as much as possible, for either myself or one of my colleagues to personally respond to every comment posted in order to have a constructive discussion regarding the future of the upcoming generation.

So without further ado, I present to you this FreeTeacher Blog where I hope to post my thoughts, experiences and updates as they occur and sincerely hope to get to know you all better.










Waqas Ahmed

PS – The photo was taken by me on a recent team-building exercise with my colleagues at work.